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Questions about The Car Enthusiast's Best Friend

Solution Finish was developed by professionals for professionals -- you won´t find our product on the wax walls in your local retail outlets. Professional detailers need the very best products that are fast and easy to use, and get outstanding results -- and Solution Finish delivers.

If it´s made of black plastic or vinyl, Solution Finish will make it look better than new! There are many products that claim to do what Solution Finish actually does. After countless comparison tests, we are convinced Solution Finish is the very best product of its kind on the market. We guarantee you´ll be amazed at the difference and appreciate the benefits of Solution Finish!

You may want to follow this link to the AutoGeek website to read an independent review of Solution Finish:


Solution Finish is now looking for warehouse distributors, jobbers, manufacturer reps and outside sales teams to promote and sell our product. If you have experience in building businesses, direct sales, training management or organization leadership, we want to talk to you! We're also interested in talking with marketing firms seeking new products.

You already know Solution Finish is the best product of its kind on the market today... Now find out how you can be part of our successful team! Please email Chris West at to get started.

What is Solution Finish?

Solution Finish is an incredible new product that restores originally black surfaces to a deep, rich black finish, without the "wet look". Solution Finish dries quickly with no greasy residue. Our unique formula combines ancient ingredients with advanced polymer technology to provide a spectacular long-lasting, black protective finish. Formulated for professional use only, it is a silicone-free solution that uses all natural oils and is VOC compliant.

What does Solution Finish do, and where can I use it?

If it's made of black plastic or vinyl, Solution Finish will make it look "better than new". Use it to restore, condition and protect any originally black surfaces on cars and trucks, boats, recreational vehicles, golf carts, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and all types of equipment. Solution Finish is ideal for use on bumpers, pads and trim, mirrors, mud flaps, window trim, seals, running boards, truck bed caps and covers, handles and wiper blades, and essentially all black trim. No masking is required.

How does Solution Finish work?

Solution Finish first dissolves the existing oxidation. Then, with a patented process, it puts a black carbon into the surface you're treating and locks in a chemical to prevent further oxidation.

How long does a bottle of Solution Finish last?

The shelf life of a bottle has been shown to remain effective up to three years in a sealed container. However, it is recommended that Solution Finish be used within 12 to 14 months of purchase.

How do you apply Solution Finish?

The Solution Finish application is a two step process. First, you put a small amount of Solution Finish on a microfiber sponge, and apply it evenly to the surface being treated. Then, with a clean microfiber sponge or microfiber towel, wipe off and buff the surface product that is remaining. Please note that every package of Solution Finish includes written instructions to be followed for best results (you can also visit our web site for a video demonstration).

Will Solution Finish work on gray trim?

Solution Finish does work great on gray and charcoal colored trim, but please note: The trim will remain gray, but will be two or three shades darker.

Will Solution Finish work on all rubber, vinyl and plastic?

With over 50,000 combinations of rubber, vinyl and plastic combinations it's impossible to know if Solution Finish will work on everything. However, in our experience, Solution Finish has worked extremely well on all vehicles and parts tested. We believe it would be very difficult to find a situation where Solution Finish will not exceed your expectations.

What makes Solution Finish unique to all other trim products?

Solution Finish is the only product of its kind on the market that actually is absorbed by the part being treated; all the other products are silicone-based, which is only a surface "Band-Aid". Solution Finish completely restores, conditions and protects in a way no silicone-based product can. In addition, it is the only product that thoroughly dries and does not leave a greasy silicone residue.

Will Solution Finish harm my paint, chrome or windows?

No, Solution Finish only works on what it's supposed to. If you do get Solution Finish on your paint, glass or chrome, simply wipe it off with a towel; if it dries before you wipe it off, it can easily be removed with a glass cleaner (Windex, Simple Green or comparable cleaning solution) and towel. However, please note that Solution Finish will stain any paint that is fresh or has not been sealed, and will also stain clothing.

How much Solution Finish does it take to do a passenger car?

The rule of thumb is a 1 ounce bottle of Solution Finish applied properly will complete three full-size passenger vehicles.

Where can I buy Solution Finish?

Here on our web site you will find store locations and web sites where Solution Finish can be purchased (we are expanding quickly, and continue to add locations on a monthly basis).

How can I become a distributor or retailer for Solution Finish?

Solution Finish is now looking for manufacturer reps, outside sales teams and distributors for our distribution chain. Please email Chris West at or call him at 714-423-2370 to talk about your options.

Does Solution Finish have any kind of guarantee?

Yes; if you or not satisfied with Solution Finish for any reason, simply return the unused portion in the bottle along with your receipt and your money will be refunded immediately.

Can I private label Solution Finish?

Unfortunately, no, we do not private label for anyone or any company. All of our formulators are proprietary patented or trademarked, and we aggressively protect our brand. However, from time to time Solution Finish will consider doing joint marketing with our partners for distribution and special promotions (this is determined on a case by case basis).

Is there a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) available?

Yes we follow all California state laws. MSDS sheets are available upon request as well as any other required documentation to appropriate parties.

If I need professional help, is there a customer service number I can call?

Yes, you can call our toll free number: 800.350.4273

I have other questions I don't see here, how can I get an answer?

Please e-mail Chris West at or you can call our toll free number: 800.350.4273.

How can I find out more about Solution Finish?

If you search the internet for various forums, you will find a quite a few reviews on Solution Finish. Just recently, a third party review was posted on the forum under Solution Finish (see link below); it is quite thorough and unbiased, so check it out!

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